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Internationally recognised as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for outstanding design.

Noise Reduction

Sleep better in
a quiet room

SMART and Motorised

Available in BlocOut™ XL

Thermal Regulation

43% reduction in
heat loss

Bloc Blinds Awarded With Red Dot Award 2021

Statement by the jury
"Thanks to its especially sophisticated material composition, the BlocOut performs outstandingly in its function as a blackout element while additionally improving the indoor climate."

Unrivalled levels of darkness created by:

  1. High Quality Blackout Material
  2. Light Blocking Siderails
  3. Bottom Seal

BlocOut Designed For Child Safety BlocOut Designed With Safety In Mind At All Times BlocOut Is Totally Safe For your Home
BlocBlinds BlocOut, not ust any other blind

Sleep Simple

The science of sleep is a complicated subject.

Understanding the benefits is not.

Better sleep equals a better you.

It's that simple.

Our dim view of light

For most of us, regular, restful sleep relies on lower light levels. Our natural instinct is to be awake and doing things when the sun is up. Its rise each morning wakens us intuitively. That's not an issue for people who work 9-5, as for shift workers sleeping during daylight hours can be more difficult. But controlling how much light our bedroom sees is simple. A pull-down blind. A total black out. Controlled by hand, by app or on a timer. We do all of that.

The light blocking siderails and bottom seal make it an ideal sleep aid for young children, light sensitive sleepers, shift workers and daytime nappers. It is perfect for use in nurseries, bedrooms, TV gaming rooms, home cinemas and even photography dark rooms.

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