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The BlocOut™ Blackout Blind

Award winning blackout blind, allowing you to create bedroom darkness for a high quality sleep day or night, whatever the season.

Noise Reduction

Sleep better in a quiet room

Better Sleep

can lead to improved health & wellbeing

Thermal Regulation

43% reduction in heat loss

The NHS reports that poor sleep puts you at risk of serious medical conditions, including obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease and it shortens your life expectancy.

9/10 customers have got a better night’s sleep with a BlocOut blind.

We believe that sleep nourishes life.

And just like the food we eat, the better the quality, the better we feel.

Restless and unsettled nights starve our wellbeing.

Going without results in unproductive, anxious days.

The better we sleep, the better we live.

Unrivalled levels of darkness created by:

  1. High Quality Blackout Material
  2. Precision Engineered Siderails
  3. Bottom Seal
BlocBlinds BlocOut, not ust any other blind

A good night's sleep can boost your health:

  • Sleep can boost your immunity: if you are prone to catching the cold or flu, your sleep routine may be to blame. Long-term lack of sleep disrupts your immune system, so your less likely to ward off bugs.
  • Sleep can slim you: Studies have shown those who get less than 7 hours of sleep have a tendency to gain more weight and are at higher risk of obesity compared to those who get more than 7 hours.
  • Sleep boosts your mental wellbeing: Considering that one sleepless night may make you irritable, it will come as no surprise that a chronic lack of sleep increases your chances of developing mood disorders such as depression or anxiety.
  • Sleep prevents diabetes: Missing sleep changes the way your body processes glucose. Studies show that people receiving less than 5 hours of sleep per night are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes.
  • Sleep wards off heart disease: Long periods of sleep deprivation are associated with increased heart rate and an increase in blood pressure which causes added strain on your heart.

The better we sleep, the better we live.

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