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3 Unique Halloween Decor Ideas

Posted by Sile on 8/15/2017 9:40:16 AM

Halloween decor ideas

3 Halloween Decor Ideas to Get Your Home Trick or Treat Ready

Be prepared to surprise guests and ‘Trick or Treaters’ alike with an ethereal experience from the moment they pass through your front gate with 3 Halloween decor ideas to get your home trick or treat ready beginning with the outside in.

#1 House of Horrors: Halloween Light Projector

Halloween light projector

Create a creepy first impression by decorating the front of your house and give all those who dare to pass a frightening experience. Be the spookiest house on the street and make your decor come alive with moving Halloween wall projections.


#2 Bewitching Window Decorations: Halloween Themed Window Blinds

Halloween themed window blinds

Visible from inside and outside the house, the translucent fabric of these Halloween themed roller blinds works like magic to let a degree of light filter through the spooky prints. Halloween themed roller blinds from Bloc Blinds’ Award Winning Fabric Changer Roller Blind system let you temporarily alter your home decor in a completely new way. A truly unique and eye popping decoration that you can use again and again.

The swappable fabric system lets you remove your existing blind and quickly replace it with made to measure prints: Friendly Bats, Happy Halloween, Spooky Faces and Petrifying Purple. And, when Halloween is over, simply clip off your printed blind and clip your existing blind back on again without changing the original mechanism. 

Shop the look: Bloc Blinds Fabric Changer Roller Blinds


#3 Front Door Frights: Pumpkin Totem

Halloween pumpkin totem pole

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a display of pumpkins but how about trying something different this year and transform your front door into a haunted entrance with a variation on the traditional pumpkin display? Build a petrifying pumpkin totem from the ground up and take visitors breaths away with a towering twist on the original Jack O’Lantern, or, mix it up and opt for a different colour or shape of pumpkin than the conventional orange creations we have always known.

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