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5 Designer Tips to add texture and depth to your home decor

Posted by Sile on 8/10/2017 3:43:43 PM

Add texture and depth

#1 Textured Window Blinds

Textured window blinds

Image by Bloc Blinds

Textured window dressings are an extremely effective way to add a layer of intrigue to any room in the house. Roller Blinds provide many options for adding character to a room. By daytime translucent blinds with a textured finish will soften sunlight as it enters the room highlighting subtle weaves and twists in the fabric, whilst at night time textured blinds create a tactile surface when highlighted by artificial lighting.

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#2 Large Area Rugs

Large area rugs

Image by French Connection Home Collection

Interior designers know the style value of a large and textured area rug. A well placed floor rug not only dresses the room but invites you to touch and luxuriate in its soft surface. Transform your space and define your look with a flat weave in a muted pattern for an easy and unobtrusive layer of comfort.


 #3 House plants


house plants

Image by La Boheme House of the Wishing Trees  via House Plant Club


More than just a decoration, house plants are a fantastic way to breathe life and texture into your home. A few well placed pots containing plants with a variety of foliage will create pattern, colour and interest.

#4 Wooden Boxes and Woven Baskets

Wooden boxes and woven baskets

Image by soniapabladesign

For a tactile and functional addition to any room storage solutions made from natural materials prove to be a stylish fix. Vintage wooden crates and woven willow baskets will hide a multitude of clutter whilst offering an eye-catching surface. 

#5 Statement Wallpaper Prints 

Statement wallpaper prints

Image by Suburban Salon

Be it a textured weave, a soft shimmer or all out bold prints, wallpaper is a staple for home decor experts when it comes to defining a theme and adding character by pulling a whole look together.  If you’re afraid to take the wallpaper plunge and want to avoid being overwhelmed, try choosing one wall or section off an area of your space to begin with.


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