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5 Ideas for Chic Kitchen Blinds

Posted by Sile on 1/10/2019 12:02:51 PM

hanging blinds without drilling holes

Blinds tend to be the most practical and popular window covering in kitchens as opposed to curtains. This is because they’re serviceable, simple to clean, easy to fit and let the optimum amount of light in. Affordable and durable, there are so many design and colour options you will be spoiled for choice.  However, when choosing the blinds you need to carefully consider the fabric. Is it grease and splatter proof? Will it cope with the heat and condensation in your kitchen? Will it optimise daylight or provide privacy? Fortunately, in this technological age, fabric manufacturers have not been left behind. Blinds are now available with fabric that is waterproof, light reflective and with insulation properties if required.  Here are our top 5 kitchen blind ideas to help you transform the plainest kitchen into an enviable culinary working space.


The Vintage Kitchen


If you combine things like silver aluminium worktops with wooden furniture or cabinets, you can easily make a kitchen with a vintage feel that is both contemporary and retro. Surfaces and textures are the main ingredients for getting this look right. Make a feature of traditional floorings such as exposed brick or wooden floorboards. Add accessories and soft furnishings. Integrate new and old by using blinds with floral or nature-inspired prints. Match up the colour of your blinds to rugs and cushions on chairs. You could even paint any wooden cabinets with the same theme, don't be too frightened to make bold statements. Blinds are a great way to start off this style and give you a platform to work from. Kitchen blind ideas for the vintage look include our Premium Roller Blind range in place of costly and heavy Roman Blinds. The pelmet option with the Premium Roller Blinds offers a dressed up contemporary alternative to normal Roman Blinds. Heavy curtains may look fine but blinds are fresher, optimise light and don’t attract dust or cooking smells.


The Modern Kitchen


Most of us who lead busy lives wish that everything in the home was voice or touch activated.  Maybe you have a partner who is into gadgetry and wants to bring this into the kitchen. We all know the rules of the modern kitchen - clean, minimalist and open. This style doesn't have to be clinical and our unique motorised blinds will add a touch of colour. These blinds are controlled at the touch of a button and are perfect for hard to reach areas such as the backs of sinks. They're also great for when you’re preparing food and don’t want to touch chains or fabric. With Smart Blinds an app is used to set a timer that controls light entering kitchen at breakfast, lunch and dinner time. What could be more appealing for your futuristic, gadget orientated kitchen?


The Black Flawless Kitchen


Black kitchens can be seriously sexy, but they run the risk of being a little too sleek for everyday family or guest entertaining. If you pair the black with light wood, it gives the kitchen a more inviting feel. Maybe try black surfaces with light wooden cabinets and blinds. Our Zebra blinds are perfect in this type of kitchen. The day and night blinds allow you to adjust the position of the banded fabric to your desired privacy. You can also choose a motorised option to maximise the effect.


The Warm and Cosy Kitchen


Warm colours and dark wood, coupled with good lighting and accessories, create the perfect cosy kitchen.  A wood burner is a fantastic way to make a kitchen feel warm and inviting. Blinds to complement the colour chosen for your kitchen, such as our Zebra range, are ideal for modern or traditional styles. Choose fresh magnolia or ivory weave colours for the best effect.


The Changeable Kitchen


Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could change the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen to match the seasons? Being able to create this is simple and not expensive. Why not change the kitchen every few months? It will be more vibrant and the more you change it the more adventurous you'll become. You can alter the style of your kitchen easily, with just a new lick of paint and a few changes to your accessories. Of all kitchen blind ideas our award winning Fabric Changer system is unique. Your window dressing can match any décor you choose whether temporary for a season or more permanently.  All you have to do is hook on your choice of new blind having removed the existing one. It can be done in literally seconds creating an impressive new look.


Kitchen blind ideas for a New Year kitchen makeover


If you have been putting off your kitchen revamp a New Year resolution could give you the push you need. Have that tidy out you've always wanted, ahead of the spring clean this time! Create the kitchen you’ve always wanted that positively invites you to cook. This can be as inexpensive or costly as your budget allows.

We have a wide choice of fabrics according to working requirements of the culinary area you're trying to create. Transparent sheer fabric to optimise light and the view will also provide you with a thin veil of privacy. We have black out blinds for the ultimate way to create a warm feel or even for complete privacy. Try one of our exclusive printed blinds for san interior design feel.  PVC is also available for heavy duty sink areas and utility rooms - waterproof and exceptionally easy to clean.

For more information about our products please visit the Bloc Blinds website and keep an eye on our blog for more kitchen blind ideas.

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