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Duck Egg Blinds

Posted by Sile on 7/6/2017 8:29:16 AM

Bloc Blinds Duck Egg Roller Blinds


Duck Egg Blinds and Other Home Decor Ideas for Duck Egg Blue

Duck Egg Blinds are just one way to add this classic colour to your home decor. Duck Egg Blue certainly stands apart not only for being easy on the eye but also for its distinctly romantic appeal. This colour has been a popular go to choice for designers, home stylists and anyone seeking a comforting colour that's fresh and easy to live with. It can be a tricky colour to define with the spectrum ranging from green to blue. Here are some ideas for you to incorporate duck egg blue into your surroundings.

Duck Egg Blue Roller Blinds

Try adding shades of warm teal and blue to your window with made to measure roller blinds. Duck Egg Blackout introduces a beautiful warm and gentle tone whilst Crockery Teal Blackout is slightly deeper in shade and holds a sophisticated, traditional appeal. Both blinds will work perfectly in bedroom windows to prevent light and glare from disturbing sleep.  Smokey Blue Translucent is an ethereal, lightly woven blind which allows natural daylight to softly diffuse through the window and light up your room. This type of fabric is perfect for living areas or to team with heavy drape dress curtains.

Duck Egg Wallpaper and Paint

Heritage paints are a classic way to style your room with most of the top paint manufacturers offering beautiful colour palettes for the whole range of duck egg blue shades. Wallpaper is making a big comeback in home decor and there are many beautiful textured and printed styles to choose from that will give your room luxury appeal. Both options look striking when teamed with white or cream painted woodwork such as door and window frames, cornicing and dressers.

Accessories in Duck Egg Blue


Carefully chosen pieces are a wonderful way to add layers and texture to your room without colour overkill. Cushions, upholstered footstools and throws can work well together in a mixture of floral, leaf or abstract patterns to give a designer feel. To maintain a calm and serene ambiance, accents of colour should be enhanced with a neutral base of cream and natural tones for example sofas and rugs.

Duck egg blue is a versatile shade that will appeal within a wide range of home decor styles from formal town houses and traditional drawing rooms right through to country chic and modern scandi. With this in mind why not give it a go and explore the appeal of teal?

Image Credits From Left: Annie Sloan, John Lewis, Bloc Blinds, John Lewis, Coco Lapine

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