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Find Best Blinds for Bedrooms. Blackouts Online & Made to Measure in UK

Posted by Sile on 11/21/2017 9:36:44 AM

Best blinds for bedrooms

What are the Best Blinds for Bedrooms?

Figuring out which window blinds are best for bedrooms depends on a number of individual factors. Everyone has a different idea of optimum sleeping conditions, therefore before deciding which bedroom blind you require it’s best for you to ask yourself the following questions to help you figure out your specific bedroom blind needs.

Are you a light sleeper or a shift worker?

Light sensitive sleepers, light sleepers and shift workers will be all too familiar with the impact of poor quality sleep. Create the perfect sleeping conditions with an almost total blackout blind. The award-winning BlocOut™ will ensure your room is shrouded in darkness whatever the time of day through the innovative side rails and bottom bar design.

Shop BlocOut™ for Adults

Black out roller blinds for adults’ bedrooms.

Have you young babies or children?

Experts advise using light strategically to develop a good sleep routine for babies. Darkness triggers the brain to release melatonin, a key sleep hormone, therefore black out window blinds are a good option in children’s room. Bloc Blinds have developed the technology to create unrivalled levels of darkness in your child’s room. Winner of the Made for Mum’s Best Nursery Accessory 2017, the BlocOut™ uses side rails and a bottom seal to virtually eliminate daylight which is perfect for daytime naps, bright early mornings and long summer nights.

Shop Best Blackout Blinds for Children, BlocOut™

Black out roller blinds for children and babies bedrooms.

Do you love the morning light?

If you love to awaken to the sun coming up then total blackout blinds might not be the solution for you. Roller Blinds with Blackout Fabric however will prevent light filtering through the blind but will allow a degree of light to escape along the edges of the blind. True light enthusiasts will enjoy the effect of a Translucent Fabric in their window blind, which will allow light to filter in whilst maintaining a thin veil of privacy. See image below left; blackout fabric roller blind, right; translucent fabric roller blind.


Shop Fabric Changer Roller Blinds with Blackout Fabric

Black out roller blinds for adults’ bedrooms.

Shop Fabric Changer Roller Blinds with Translucent Fabric

Translucent roller blinds for adults’ bedrooms.

Are you likely to change your room’s decor/function in the future?

As children grow and modern living requirements change, the need to repurpose a room in the future is something to consider when choosing window dressings. Bloc Blinds’ Roller Blinds come with Fabric Changer Technology as standard allowing you the option to switch fabric in a matter of seconds. Whether it’s changing your blinds from children’s prints to a preferred teenage style or turning a spare room into a home office, the options are endless saving you time and money in the long run with no need to re-measure or refit the original mechanism again.

Is your room overlooked?

Urban dwellers and those whose rooms face onto a neighbour’s house or a street might prefer to have the dual option of a Twin Roller Blind. Two fabrics attached to the same mechanism allow greater flexibility; the Blackout Fabric blind will block out light at night and the Translucent Fabric will create daytime privacy.

Twin roller, dual roller blinds.

Shop Fabric Changer Roller Blinds with Translucent Fabric

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