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Tip To Keep The Bedroom Cool This Summer

Posted by Sile on 7/19/2017 9:05:11 AM

 Bloc Blinds Award Winning Blackouts keep cool in summer

How to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

Temperatures have been at an all time high recently and warm, muggy nights are making it difficult to get a good night’s sleep therefore the question we are all asking is 'How to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat?' There are a number of things that you can do to help keep the bedroom cool.

Invest in a good blackout solution

Managing the summer heat from entering the room to begin with is half the battle. With a Bloc Blinds BlocOut™ blind, you can help keep temperatures down, thanks to its award winning design, which dramatically reduces sunlight and heat entering into the room.

Choose your sheets wisely

Stay away from silk or satin sheets when the temperature starts to soar, instead opt for light coloured cotton sheets which are more breathable and promote better airflow.

Take a cold shower

Just before bed take a cool shower which will lower the body’s core temperature as well as leaving you feeling less sticky before jumping into bed.

Find out what makes the BlocOut™ Blind the best blackout solution on the market.

Best Blackout Blinds

Combining an aluminium cassette with bespoke side rails, each BlocOut™ blind can be fitted inside, at the edge or on the surface of the window recess which ensures the fabric is not framed with light or doesn't filter through the edges, providing an unmatched level of darkness.

Best Blinds for Children's Rooms

If you are fitting the blind in a nursery or child's bedroom, the BlocOut™ Blind features a cord and chain-free spring operated system which is Safe By Design, giving you complete peace of mind when it comes to safety and means a better night's sleep for all.

Best for Light Sensitive Sleepers

The BlocOut™ Blinds come in a variety of high quality contemporary and core fabrics and colours in simple and printed designs to suit all tastes, colour trends and interior schemes.
The best blackout solution on the market today, the BlocOut™ blind is ideal for shift workers, light sensitive sleepers and those with rooms affected by street lighting or sunlight.

Find out more about BlocOut™ blind solutions and window treatments.

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