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Choosing the Best Fabric for Window Blinds

Posted by Sile on 2/24/2017 3:13:01 PM

Best Fabric For Roller Blinds OnlineChoosing the Best Fabric for Window Blinds

Choose the best fabric for your blind with award winning blinds manufacturer Bloc Blinds.  Made to measure and manufactured in the UK, Bloc Blinds are industry innovators offering high quality and design based window treatments online. With a wide range of stylish fabrics to suit all windows and rooms you'll have no problem choosing the perfect blind for your home.

Black Out Blind Fabric: Blackout fabric is opaque meaning that you cannot see anything through the blind fabric. Black Out material is often the best fabric for window blinds in bedrooms and cinema rooms where you wish to achieve a good level of darkness.

Important to Note:

*When black out fabric is used in a BlocOutBlocOut XL and Skylight Blind system it provides complete darkness.

*When black out fabric is used on a Roller BlindEasifit Roller Blind or Premium Roller Blind system it provides a good level of darkness with a degree of light bordering the edges of the fabric.

See photos above

Translucent Blind Fabric: Translucent fabrics allow varying degrees of light to filter through depending on the colour and weave of the fabric. Persons or objects on the opposite side are not clearly visible. Perfect for rooms which are overlooked and where privacy is an issue.

Transparent Blind Fabric: Transparent fabrics allow you to see the outline of objects on the other side of the window. They are ideal for rooms with a beautiful view, day rooms and for providing a delicate film of privacy whilst maintaining a good deal of light in the room.

PVC Blind Fabric: PVC fabric is ideal for heavy duty and high traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, sink areas and wet rooms. Made from a highly durable and moisture resistant PVC material these blinds can simply be wiped clean with a sponge. PVC is a blackout fabric.

Zebra Blind Fabric: Zebra blind fabric, alternatively known as Day and Night or Vision blinds offers a contemporary solution for windows with it' smulti use options. The alternating bands of translucent and transparent fabrics allow the user to 

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