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Natural Hay Fever Remedies by Bloc Blinds

Posted by Sile on 5/25/2017 9:58:40 AM

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Natural Hay Fever Remedies by Bloc Blinds

Many people search for natural hay fever remedies to ease their discomfort as nature brings a surge of blooming flowers, plants and seeds to the table from the months of April through to September. Its an unfortunate reality for many that along with the beauty of summer, come unpleasant allergies associated with increased pollen counts. It’s very difficult to avoid pollen entirely but there are a few simple ways in which you can greatly reduce the amount of pollen entering your home and ease the symptoms of hay fever;


 #1 Prevent Pollen and Dust Entering Your Home

Prevent pollen and dust entering your home

As the pollen count is highest first thing in the morning and last thing at night it is therefore important that you reduce pollen entering your home. The NHS advises installing roller blinds as an alternative to curtains to combat both dust and pollen allergies.  Window blinds act as a screen barrier thereby reducing the level of pollen entering your home by trapping it. Regularly cleaning your windows and blinds with a soft brush to remove pollen will further decrease allergy triggers in your home.  For a full range of high quality, award winning roller blinds for your windows try Bloc Blinds UK manufacturers of made to measure roller blinds online.


#2 Wash the Day Away

Pollen gathers on fabrics, hair and skin, therefore throughout the day your movements will collect a build up that will aggravate your allergies further. Wearing wraparound sunglasses and tying long hair back when you are out and about will help reduce exposure. When you come home in the evening change your clothes and shower after having been outside

#3 Eat Well

Anecdotal evidence suggest that you should try local honey to combat hay fever and, whilst this is certainly a pleasant suggestion, there are lots of other dietary supplements such as fresh pineapple and foods containing omega 3 fatty acids that contain anti-inflammatory properties which will help to reduce the effects of allergies.

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