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How to clean Wooden blinds
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The Bloc Wooden is 100% waterproof and is available in both smooth or wood effect slat finish which makes them easy to clean. With a handle to operate, making them child safe, the Bloc Wooden is much easier to wipe clean than traditional string operated wooden blinds. Wooden blinds can get quite dirty because the large (50mm) slats provide a large surface area for the build up of dust and dirt. Not to worry though, You can easily clean your Wooden Blinds using multiple techniques.

To remove dust from the blind slats you will need an old cloth or sock. Completely lower your Wooden Blind and twist the wand to close the blinds. With the cloth or sock wipe across the blinds gently. Be sure to start from the middle of each blind as to not streak dust across the whole blind. Simple and effective. Another way you can clean the dust from your Wooden Blinds is using a vacuum cleaner with the brush top attached. Gently move along the blind slats horizontally. Dusting can be done monthly to make sure that your Wooden Blinds are dust free and looking fresh.

However, if your blinds require a bit more than dusting you can lightly clean your blinds instead. To remove dirt or stains you will need a bowl of 50% hot water mixed with 50% Vinegar. Again, close and lower the blinds fully and dip the cloth into the bowl of water and gently wipe across the top of the slats, paying particular attention to any dirt stains. The acidic nature of vinegar is useful because it helps to dissolve any grease or hard to clean stains on your blind, as well as killing any bacteria.

For a deep cleaning approach to your Wooden blind you will need to completely remove your blind from its window setting. Then fill up your bath with warm soapy water, and place a towel at the bottom of the bath. This is important as it will make sure that your bath avoids scratches from the blind. Lift your blinds into the soapy bath water and let them soak for between 30 minutes to 3 hours. After you have drained the bath, rinse with cold water. You can place your blinds outside to dry, or use a hairdryer on a low heat setting. The Wooden Blind can be easily re-fitted and locked back into place trough the slide in bracket mechanism. It is important to not re-fit your Wooden Blinds until they are completely dry or else they could develop mould.

There you have it, a simple guide on how to keep your Wooden Blinds looking clean and fresh!
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