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Colourful Roller Blinds Ideas & Inspiration

Posted by Sile on 3/13/2019 12:14:39 PM

Colourful Roller Blinds Ideas

It won’t be long before we start thinking about spring cleaning and introducing some fresh ideas to our homes.  So why not use vibrant colours to impact the mood in your home with some colourful roller blinds to dress your windows?

Modern research shows that when you enter a room with vibrant colours your brain releases lots of different chemicals which subconsciously impact us both physically and emotionally. With this in mind it's possible to decorate your home to invoke enthusiasm, passion and wellbeing. This is more commonly known as colour therapy. We'll take a look at some of the colours and how we could incorporate them below:

Red for passion, vitality and power

When entering a room, this is the first colour your brain notices. The colour red projects fearlessness, ambition and strength. Even the smallest amount connects to our physical self, promoting agility and vigilance. A red roller blind can go a long way to inspiring positivity.

The first room we enter before we start the day is usually the bathroom or kitchen. Why not create a bold statement using red roller blinds or Zebra blinds. Any shade of red will project the feeling of inspiration and confidence you need to start your day.

However, too much red can produce a feeling of irritation so be careful how much you use.  A red blind with white walls and a few accessories creates a subtle yet effective touch.

Warm, welcoming orange

Orang is a happy colour and provides feelings of comfort and contentment. It invokes emotions of friendliness, socialising and happy times. This is an ideal colour for the living or dining room. Roller Blinds in our range of oranges could be a starting point to create a room for that "catch up" with friends or Sunday lunch with the family. This emotionally strong colour encourages friendship and family unity, enjoyable connections and happiness.

Green for your inner self

Green is an overwhelmingly pleasing colour for your inner self. It creates a vast amount of qualities such as balance, peace and refreshment. This colour is a great stress reducer and promotes calm in any room it graces. Colourful roller blinds, in fabulously indulgent shades of green, look great in a nature-inspired bedroom.  Add plants and scatter cushions to create an oasis of calm and peacefulness.

Optimistic Yellow

Yellow is the colour of optimism, problem solving, mental awareness and cheer. It induces clear and creative thinking and is a great colour choice for decision making. Yellow is widely known to help with anxiety and depression, as well as encouraging laughter. Maybe not the first choice you might consider for the office or den, but this is where you work, your children do their homework and most of your thought processing is based.  Yellow colourful roller blinds can create the starting point for a beach inspired space.

Interchangeable colourful roller blinds

The great thing about our interchangeable blinds is the colours can easily be changed. If you want to your yellow inspiring office to become an orange welcoming office, it can easily be achieved. Whatever your desires or aspirations we have a vibrant colourful roller blinds to help you. Be bold and make your home an inspiration for you, your family and your guests.

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