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How to best conserve heat in your home this Autumn
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With Winter in full swing, it is time to layer up for these cooler days! With snow piling up across the country, the nights are certainly long and cold. Heating your home is expensive these days, accounting for 70% of household energy consumption. Blinds and window coverings can reduce heat loss significantly in your home. We have a simple mantra here at Bloc: the more layers you add to your window, the less heat you will lose. Making some easy decisions on how your conserve heat in your home will make your space more comfortable and cheaper to heat. Here are our tips and tricks...
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There are various tips and tricks you can use to help insulate your home to conserve heat. A significant factor in helping to limit heat loss from within the home is making sure you have good quality, insulating window coverings. The BlocOut Blind reduces heat loss by up to 43% thanks to its efficient insulating properties by completely sealing the window, keeping your room dark and warm for a great night’s sleep. Our BlocOut blind comes in a variety of colours, designs and sizes to improve the look of your bedroom. Make sure furniture is not blocking radiators to ensure that heat can spread around the entire room. Closed curtains in the cold evening times will also help keep your house warm and insulated.

Another tip is to ensure your windows are sealed and install door sweeps for the bottom of doors to close gaps and help make your home air tight. This is a cheap and easy way to remove house draughts which allow heat to escape. Put your thermostat on a timer! It is more efficient to put your heating on for a longer period of time at a lower heat. Having your heat on a timer also means that you won’t forget that your heating is on, saving fuel and money. Heat rises, therefore, most heat is lost through home roofs. If you are willing to make more long term, structural changes to your home, then it is definitely worth investing in properly insulating your roof and attic.

Hopefully you are more aware of the changes you can make to stay cosy and warm this Winter. Check out our website for our insulating BlocOut Blind