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Top tips for setting up the environment to help your baby develop healthy sleep skills
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Hi, I’m Helen Farmer (Helen Sleep Nanny), a certified sleep consultant and mum to 4 kids.

I feel passionately about all kids reaching their full potential in their development. And to do that they need to be well rested.

I work with families where sleep is a challenge for their little ones. I use gentle and effective techniques to teach babies and children the skill of self-settling. I always consider what is developmentally appropriate depending on the age of the little one. Sleep training generally is only effective after a baby is 4mths old, and I work with children right up to 6years.

My service (online) includes a face-to-face consultation and follow up text and phonecall support for 2-3 weeks to guide you through your tailored plan.
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Sub Header (Optional): My top tips for setting up the environment to help your baby develop healthy sleep skills:
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  • As part of my consultation I always discuss the sleep environment and all the important factors that will make things more conducive to sleep for your little one. And no better place to start than with a darkened room. During the winter months, it’s not such an issue at bedtime nor in the mornings, but when the longer evenings and brighter mornings reappear, a blackout blind is a must for a baby / child’s bedroom. It can also be used when a baby is napping in their bedroom during the day. The BlocOut blind is a super example of an effective and safe product that perfectly meets this need. The fact that it also reduces heat loss and comes in a range of beautiful colours and patterns means it’s no surprise it’s an award-winning brand. Remember artificial light or daylight can hinder the production of melatonin, which is the body’s natural “sleepy” hormone. We don’t want anything to prevent our little ones getting the restorative sleep they need, so setting up a dark, calm, quiet sleep space is a great starting point.
  • If you still need / want a night light, use one that emits a red / amber (warm) colour.
  • If you wish to have a cot mobile or light show in your baby’s room, certainly use it for wind-down time but when little one is going to sleep, switch off any of these devices. Ultimately we want them to close their eyes and actively fall sleep rather than lying watching something until they crash out!
  • Use a safe and consistent sleep space for your baby. The Lullaby Trust are a great source of information on safe sleep for babies.
  • Never underestimate the importance of a good bedtime routine (same steps in the same order every night), even with a young baby and continue to adapt this as your baby becomes a toddler and then a preschooler.
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    Having the environment set up right will help you work towards a goal of keeping on top of your little one’s sleep needs. Ultimately you want to avoid overtiredness creeping in because sleep for children is so counter-intuitive. Appropriate daytime naps at the right time often results in better nighttime sleep. In the same way, poor napping can affect a little one’s nights.

    Often a family will reach out for help when they aren’t sure where or how to start resolving the sleep challenges their little one is having.

    Each journey with a family is unique, and each baby / child has different needs, but ultimately when we say goodbye, it is so rewarding to see the progress they have made.
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    Sub Header (Optional): Here’s what some parents said after we finished working together:
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    “When we reached out to Helen, we found her understanding, empathetic and she just got it! Bedtime was such a battle but now we have our evenings back and Fionn is waking up refreshed and energised in the morning and in great form. I’m so glad that I reached out to Helen and just wish we’d done it sooner!” (Siobhan, mum to Fionn 2.5yrs)

    “With Helen’s help our baby daughter has went from numerous wake-ups and sleeping in our bed to sleeping soundly 11-12 hrs through the night in her cot. It has absolutely changed our lives and we are so grateful.” (Becca, mum to Ella 9 mths)

    If you wish to hear more about how I work or can potentially help, don’t hesitate to contact me to arrange an evaluation call.

    Instagram: @helensleepnanny

    Facebook: Helen Sleep Nanny

    Phone: 07930 669944