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How to Hang Blinds Without Drilling Holes
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Text Content: There are many reasons why people want to know how to hang blinds without drilling holes. Sometimes tenants want to fit blinds and can’t obtain permission from landlords to drill holes. Others don’t trust themselves or their partners to use power tools without damaging something, even if they are DIY enthusiasts. Whatever the reason, EasyFit Drill Free Roller Blinds provide a quick and simple solution with minimum fuss and are suitable for tiles! It’s important to note that EasyFit Drill Free roller brackets only apply to recess fitting.
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Text Content: Luckily our EasyFit Drill Free Roller Blinds can be fitted by following just a few simple steps, stress free and without the need for screws, nails, power drilling and holes. Follow these simple guidelines for how to hang blinds without drilling holes, and you'll never look back: Remove the cover from each bracket, Left and Right are highlighted on each bracket. Ensure the same cover is kept for the matching bracket.
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Text Content: Remove the backing tape from the reverse of the bracket and position the blind where you want it. Make sure this area is free from obstacles [ie handles, trickle vents etc]. When positioning the bracket make sure the back end is at least 30mm away from the window frame.
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Text Content: Press into the recess (use a spirit level to ensure the base of each bracket is level).
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Text Content: Attach the bracket cover and repeat on the other side of your window.
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Text Content: Put up the blind and check to see it is even using a spirit level.
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Text Content: If the blind isn't level you can simply remove the bracket cover on either side until it's even by adjusting the guide dogs up or down .5mm to achieve the correct level. Once you're happy with the level, select the appropriate pincer size for your blind.
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Text Content: Rotate the pincer until it locks into the allocated position on the face of the bracket.
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Text Content: Pull your chain almost taut from the wall mount so that it doesn't pull away from the wall surface more than 50mm and secure into position with the safety P-Clip. Using the screw provided, fasten the P-Clip to the wall, note you may have to use a power drill if the screw is going into a solid wall.
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Text Content: You can now operate your blind safely.
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Text Content: Check out our online Video Tutorial for how to measure and fit EasyFit Drill Free Roller Blinds or contact our Customer Service Team for further enquiries.