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Stylish Living Room Blind Ideas

Posted by Sile on 1/16/2019 12:09:04 PM

stylish living room blind ideas

For living room blind ideas it is first necessary to consider the style of living room you have or want to create.  We’ve come up with some interior design themes to perfectly complement living room blind ideas from our extensive collections. We hope you like them!


Less is more


Maybe you're a minimalist and would like a clean, crisp and spacious feel. We have blinds in white translucent material that adds light and creates an illusion of space, even in a small room. Our labour saving, motorised roller blinds are ideal for this style of room. You have the option of closing and opening your blinds at the touch of a button. Alternatively you can choose our SMART technology which allows you to control them with an app on your phone. They’re superb for all those gadget fans out there.


A day at the beach


A favourite for most families is a day at the beach. You can bring the coastal feel into your home with our neutral colours.  Take the kids to the beach, get them to pick out their favourite pebbles and create a mosaic with them. Pictures of sandy shores are inexpensive online or at a local retailer. This is a great way to make a welcoming and bright room in the centre of your home. If you want to expand the theme our customised service can print beach scenes on your roller blinds.  And when the summer is over, you can change the fabric to match the next season.


Jungle Fever


For those who love indoor plants, why not use these to create a jungle inspired living area? Our Jungalicious or Jungle Friends blind fabrics integrate perfectly with this theme. Colourful and fun patterns add character and depth, but still with a stylish feel for those nights entertaining friends and relatives. Add a splash of colour to your walls and cushions and you've created your own tropical paradise. You could also incorporate motorised Smart technology to give the room and your friends the wow factor.


Eco friendly living room blind ideas


To improve your home environment and enhance your quality of life in the place where you spend the most time, use green eco- friendly décor and furnishings. By choosing these readily available products you can greatly enhance the air quality in your home which is obviously good for your health.


When redecorating use paints that are chemical, heavy metal and volatile organic compound (VOC) free. There are plenty to choose from that are suitable for all painted surfaces. Washable, durable and, as they are completely non-toxic, they immediately improve the air quality in your home. These natural paints are also very kind to the environment in general.


For flooring look for the carpets made from natural plant fibres or wool.  If your preference is for wood flooring there is now a wide range of boards made from sustainable woods such as bamboo and cork.


Choose our Fabric Changer Blind System to enhance your eco-friendly lounge. It allows you to change the fabric for a new appearance whenever you like. These blinds are designed to last for life and because you never need to replace the aluminium mechanism, you are lowering your carbon footprint.


The BlocOut™ range is also eco-friendly since you’ll reduce heat loss through your windows by up to a staggering 43 percent when fitted correctly.   


Spring into Action


Give your living room a spruce up for spring 2019 with our Twin Roller blinds. These innovative window coverings provide a quick and inexpensive solution to giving the living room a fresh look. Choosing new and vibrant colours for your lounge with just minor tweaks, such as blinds and cushions can create a living room masterpiece. The Twin Roller system is fantastic for street facing or overlooked rooms. A translucent fabric layer provides privacy whilst allowing light in. The blackout layer helps keeps in heat and blocks out street lights and onlookers. There are some fantastic floral patterns that offer a wide range of colours within them to integrate your new accessories. Why not give it a try?


For more stylish living room blind ideas please visit our blog regularly and browse our website.

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