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Roller Blinds

The traditional roller blind has been given a whole new lease of life thanks to our award winning Fabric Changer system. Match you window to your room’s decor and, when you fancy a seasonal or longer term change, simply hook off the existing blind and hook on your new blind refreshing your look in seconds.

  • Precision cut to fit your windows
  • Built in Fabric Changer allows you to change and update your look in an instant
  • Lifetime guarantee on barrel system
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Roller Blind in Orchid White Translucent
Click to OrderOrchid White Translucent fabric sampleOrder Free SampleOrchid White TranslucentRoller BlindFrom €8.81
Roller Blind in Pale Ash Translucent
Click to OrderPale Ash Translucent fabric sampleOrder Free SamplePale Ash TranslucentRoller BlindFrom €8.81
Roller Blind in Taupe Translucent
Click to OrderTaupe Translucent fabric sampleOrder Free SampleTaupe TranslucentRoller BlindFrom €8.81
Roller Blind in Coral Sunset Translucent
Click to OrderCoral Sunset Translucent fabric sampleOrder Free SampleCoral Sunset TranslucentRoller BlindFrom €12.50
Roller Blind in Panama White Transparent
Click to OrderPanama White Transparent fabric sampleOrder Free SamplePanama White TransparentRoller BlindFrom €12.25
Roller Blind in Cocoa Bean Translucent
Click to OrderCocoa Bean Translucent fabric sampleOrder Free SampleCocoa Bean TranslucentRoller BlindFrom €8.81
Roller Blind in Plum Translucent
Click to OrderPlum Translucent fabric sampleOrder Free SamplePlum TranslucentRoller BlindFrom €8.81
Roller Blind in Celestial Blue Translucent
Click to OrderCelestial Blue Translucent fabric sampleOrder Free SampleCelestial Blue TranslucentRoller BlindFrom €8.81
Roller Blind in Mulberry Translucent
Click to OrderMulberry Translucent fabric sampleOrder Free SampleMulberry TranslucentRoller BlindFrom €8.81
Roller Blind in Primrose Translucent
Click to OrderPrimrose Translucent fabric sampleOrder Free SamplePrimrose TranslucentRoller BlindFrom €8.81
Roller Blind in Smokey Haze Translucent
Click to OrderSmokey Haze Translucent fabric sampleOrder Free SampleSmokey Haze TranslucentRoller BlindFrom €8.81
Roller Blind in Soft Cream Translucent
Click to OrderSoft Cream Translucent fabric sampleOrder Free SampleSoft Cream TranslucentRoller BlindFrom €8.81
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