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Frequently Asked Questions


Fabric Samples

Can I order fabric samples?

Yes, you can order free fabric swatches here. Bloc Blinds send free fabric swatches via Royal Mail First Class Post and are processed for next working day delivery.

My swatch order hasn't arrived / I need more swatches

We aim to send all of our swatch orders within 24 hours of ordering from Monday to Friday via Royal Mail, First Class Post. If, for some reason, they haven’t arrived within 5 working days or you need more samples you can contact us or order free swatches here.

How do I know which type of blind and fabric is best for my window?

Every room in every home has a different set of requirements when it comes to choosing the best window dressing option. The following guides will help you choose the best solution for you:

Help Choosing the Right Blind and Help Choosing the Best Fabric For Your Blind.

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How do I decide which product is right for me?

Bloc Blinds produce a range of made to measure blinds for a variety of window types and for every room in the home. Click here to find out more about our product offering and decide which blind is right for your window.

Is it possible to get a quick quote for multiple blinds in my house?

Yes. We understand that often people are measuring and fitting blinds for more than one window. Let us help you make the process easier by contacting us via the email or number listed below to arrange a quick quote.

Email: Contact BlocBlinds

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Measuring your Blinds

How do I measure my window?

For each of our products simply follow our easy How to Measure video guides

I need more information before I place my order

Have questions about your window blind? Contact our Customer Service team or join us in a Live Chat for professional, friendly advice if you require more information before placing your order.

I'm worried about getting my measurements wrong. Do you offer a measure protection insurance?

Yes. Our Measure Protect™ service insures your blind against incorrect measurement. T&Cs apply. See our Measure Protect page for details.

Do you offer a Measure and Fit service?

We do our best to make sure that our blinds are easy to measure and install and come with clear instructions for you to follow. In some areas we offer a Measure and Fit service. Click here to find out if you can access a Measure and Fit service in your area.

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Payment and Finance

What are my payment options?

You can pay for your blinds using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or with PayPal.

Do you offer a financial credit service?

Yes. You can arrange for an interest-free finance option. Ts&Cs apply

To arrange a quote, please contact us using the form on our contact page, or email or call us using the details below.

Email: Contact BlocBlinds

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Delivery and Tracking Orders

Where’s my order?

You can track the status of your order here using your unique customer number and email address.

When will my blinds be delivered?

Our manufacturing process is top class and we like to allow adequate manufacturing time to ensure your product meets the high-quality standards that we promise. Estimated delivery times are displayed at the bottom of each product page and when your order is dispatched you will receive the tracking details as well as direct contact information for any additional enquiries.

Delivery times are based on a normal production environment. Though we do not expect delays, there are occasions of high volume, out-of-stock products, or other unforeseen problems.

Track my order now

Please feel free to contact us for more precise delivery details for your order.

My item has arrived damaged. How do we arrange a replacement and how long will this take?

In the unusual event that your blind has arrived damaged please contact us via email at Contact BlocBlinds with photos of the damage and we will be in touch with a solution ASAP.

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Fitting my Blinds

How do I fit my window blinds?

To find out how to install your Bloc Blind follow our easy How to Fit video guides. All Bloc Blinds are designed with the customer in mind and are therefore not difficult to install. If you are unsure or have questions about how to measure or fit any of our blinds please contact us. Our Customer Service team are here to help.

Do you offer a Measure and Fit service?

We do our best to make sure that our blinds are easy to install and come with clear instructions for you to follow. In some areas we offer a Measure and Fit service. Click here to find out if you can access a Measure and Fit service in your area.

How do I fit blinds without drilling?

Bloc Blinds' drill–free EasyFit Roller Blind is particularly suited to a DIY novice as it requires no power tools or screws for installation and can even be adjusted to the perfect level after it has been installed.

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Product Information

All Products

Bloc Blinds proudly design and manufacture all of their own products from a custom-built factory in the UK using the highest quality components and in compliance with safety regulations.


Bloc Blinds is a member of the BBSA [British Blinds and Shutters Association]. All Bloc Blinds products are guaranteed Safe by Design. Chain mechanisms are in a continuous loop and fixed to the wall with a safety P-Clip. Find out more about Child Friendly Blinds for Peace of Mind.

Can I get chain free roller blinds?

Yes. Bloc Blinds offer a chain free option on many products. The BlocOut™ blind is chain free, spring operated. The BlocOut™ XL has a motorised chain free option. All of our roller blinds include cordless SMART controlled and motorised options as an addition at the point of purchase. All of our Skylight Blinds are chain free and the Solar Powered Skylight Blind uses a motorised operation.

Can Alexa or Google Home control my blinds?

Yes. Bloc Blinds have a SMART home roller blind package allowing you to operate your roller blinds with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Find out more here.

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BlocOut™ and BlocOut™ XL

Does the BlocOut™ black out 100% light entering the room?

The BlocOut™ provides unrivalled bedroom darkness in comparison to any other blackout roller blind on the market today. Depending on how square / level your window opening is small slivers of light may escape through but you are guaranteed an unrivalled level of darkness to help you get a better night's sleep.

How is the BlocOut™ different from less expensive blackout roller blinds?

The BlocOut™ is an award winning, made to measure blackout system that is custom fit for your window to the nearest mm [accurate measurements are essential for fit]. Engineered side rails and a bottom seal prevent light escaping through the edges as seen in traditional blackout roller blinds. In addition, the BlocOut™ will keep heat in and reduce noise levels for a better sleep.

What is the difference between a blackout blind and a BlocOut™ blind?

Blackout blind

Traditional Roller blind with blackout fabric – This will block out light but not offer the unrivalled levels of darkness a BlocOut™ will.

BlocOut™ blind

A Cassette along the top and siderails down the sides of the blind firmly secure the fabric and prevent light escaping along the edges. A bottom seal creates a barrier between the bottom of the blind and the window sill blocking out light and reducing heat loss.

Check out Our Blackout v BlocOut™ video here

I have large windows, can I have a BlocOut™ blackout blind?

Yes. The BlocOut™ XL is designed for larger windows (up to 2400mm W x 2400mm H)

What is the difference between a BlocOut™ and a BlocOut™ XL ?


Award winning blackout blind allowing you to create bedroom darkness for high quality sleep day or night, whatever the season. Fits windows up to 1800mm W x 1500mm H. A Cassette along the top and siderails down the sides of the blind firmly secure the fabric and prevent light escaping along the edges. A bottom seal creates a barrier between the bottom of the blind and the window sill blocking out light and reducing heat loss.

BlocOut™ XL

Designed for larger windows, Fits Windows up to 2400mm W x 2400mm H. the BlocOut™ XL blocks out light offering you your best sleep in a dark environment, day or night, whatever the season. Choose from a chain operated system with child safe clips or motorisation. Better for uneven windows.

Does the colour of the fabric I choose affect the effectiveness of the blackout?

No. Contrary to belief a black or dark coloured fabric is not more effective than a paler one. Bloc Blinds use only the highest quality blackout fabrics ensuring that no matter what colour you choose you are guaranteed the same level of light blocking effectiveness. You can order free fabric swatches here.

Can I open my window when using the BlocOut™ and BlocOut™ XL blinds?

We do not recommend opening your window when the BlocOut™ or BlocOut™ XL are drawn even only a little. Outside air will create a vacuum which will suck the side rail fasteners out of place and damage your blind. You can only open the window to ventilate your room when the blind is fully retracted. Opening your window when the blinds are drawn will also reduce the effectiveness of its thermal insulation value.

Why do I need 3 measurements for the BlocOut™ systems?

The more accurate your window measurement the better blackout solution your blind will offer. To get the best custom fit that's made to measure for your window it's essential to measure to the nearest mm. Even in the newest homes, no two windows are perfect or measure the same therefore 3 measurements will ensure a more accurate and perfect fit.

I have a new BlocOut™ and it won't go up!

Don’t worry! It's not broken. For first time users the spring-operated mechanism on the BlocOut™ requires a little knack and it's easy when you know how. Using both hands simply place your fingers on the bottom rail and gently push in, this will release the spring and allow you to manoeuvre your blind to the preferred position.

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Roller Blinds

If I order a Roller Blind in a Blackout Fabric will my room be blackout?

Yes and no. The fabric is 100% blackout and will stop the light from passing through the material, however, when combined with a roller blind system, there is a small gap between the fabric and the walls which will allow some light to filter into the room. If this is a concern you can look at the BlocOut™ black out system which will provide unmatched levels of darkness in your room unrivalled by other blackout blind alternatives currently on the market.

Do Roller Blinds keep the sun out?

Yes. You can control sunlight in your room using roller blinds with a range of fabric options. Blackout fabrics work best for extreme sun control whilst translucent and transparent fabrics diffuse light and reduce glare.[ For the ultimate in light control try the BlocOut™]. Help Choosing the Best Fabric for Your Blind.

Do Roller Blinds keep the heat in?

Yes. Roller blinds will prevent heat loss through the window and prevent blockage of radiators for better circulation. For high performance heat retention the BlocOut™ blind, the BlocOut™ XL and Skylight Blinds will reduce heat loss through the window by up to 43%.

Can you make roller blinds for large windows?

Yes. Bloc Blinds can make blinds for windows of up to 2.4m x 2.4m.

Can I install Roller Blinds and Curtains?

Yes. No problem. Many people add roller blinds to their windows in addition to curtains to suit their needs. Look here for more inspiration: Blog: Curtains or Blinds?

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Skylight Blinds

How do I find the code for my skylight window model?

Before ordering a blind for your skylight window you will need to identify who makes it and the size code. The information and code will be located on a data plate on the inside edge of the window frame.

If you cannot locate this, then please get in touch with us and have to hand, the visible glass measurement of your window in mm and we can arrange identifdication or custom made fit.

Email: Contact BlocBlinds

Can I get Skylight Blinds for Velux® Windows?

Yes. Bloc Blinds make Skylight Blinds which are compatible with a full range of Velux® Roof Window models. Simply enter your window's model code and select your size and fabric. Shop Skylight Blinds for Velux®.

Can I get Skylight Blinds for non-Velux Windows?

Bloc Blinds make skylight blinds for a wide range of roof light manufacturers such as Fakro, Dakstra, Okpol, Rooflite, Luctis and Roto

Is it possible to get a Skylight Blind in a custom size?

Yes. We make made to measure Custom Skylights for all kinds of roof windows.

I would like remote control Motorised Skylight Blinds.

No problem. We make Solar Powered Skylight Blinds with remote control operation.

How do I measure for Skylight Blinds

For standard brand skylights we have a large bank of size codes stored so that you won't have to measure! Simply identify your code located on a data plate on the inside edge of the window frame and input in the drop down on the product page. Have a non-standard skylight? Simply measure the visible glass size and enter on the Custom Skylights page. See How to Measure for a Custom Sized Skylight Blind.

How to install Skylight Blinds

Watch our easy to follow videos showing you How to Install Skylight Blinds

Do skylight blinds work? Can I get thermal skylight blinds?

Skylight blinds are an effective way to control light, glare and regulate temperature in your home. Bloc Blinds Skylight Blinds with blackout fabric will create almost complete darkness and are therefore ideal for bedrooms, attics, tv rooms and office spaces. They will also reduce heat loss and allow for thermal regulation.

DIY Skylight Blinds

Bloc Blinds skylight blinds are easy to fit by yourself at home and require no power tools making them an easy DIY solution.

Do you make large skylight blinds?

Yes. We make blinds for windows up to 1200mmx1200mm [excludes Solar Powered Skylight Blinds]

Do you make skylight blinds for flat rooflight windows?

Yes. Simply send us a picture of your window to Contact BlocBlinds and we will contact you to advise the available options.

I need a Pole for my Skylight Blinds

Choose from 2 size options here.

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Additional Information

How to care for and clean your blinds

Bloc Blinds recommend that you clean your blinds gently with a soft brush or pat softly with a slightly damp cloth.

Can I get roller blinds for my French doors / Patio Doors / Bay Windows?

Windows come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and not every scenario can be accommodated. With unusual areas we will do our best to help guide you based on your individual needs. Simply send through a picture of your window to Contact BlocBlinds and we will do our best to get you sorted.

I have my own image/design and I want to print my own blind, is this possible?

Yes. With our custom Print Your Own Blind option all you have to do is supply us with the image and Bloc Blinds can put it onto the window blind of your choice. It is a very cost-effective way of making a unique blind. Everyone is different, so why not express yourself!

Where can I purchase Bloc Blinds?

In addition to ordering online there are a number of ways for you to purchase Bloc Blinds. Find out where you can buy Bloc Blinds here.

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